Ghost Hunting…Getting Started II
You be the Investigator
Ghost hunting is both fascinating and addictive.
Fascination is fueled by the search for answers and becomes addictive when you capture evidence.
If you are an experienced ghost hunting investigator or a person looking to get into ghost hunting.
This book is for you.
Tim has been investigating for over 20 years and led or been involved in hundreds of investigations.
Ghost Hunting…Getting Started II You be the Investigator, discusses:
How to build a team, find and conduct an investigation, investigation tips, review evidence and the tools used during an investigation, including the most to update tools.
The book also covers several haunted historic locations that Tim has been investigating for years. The history of each location and the activity experienced.
This book can help you get started or update your procedures and knowledge of the tools used in the field.


UPCOMING DOC!!! Steve Shippy and I filmed a segment for an upcoming Shock Docs for Discovery Plus.
I had a blast and want to thank Steve, Katie, and the entire team. I will announce the air dates as soon as I get them.


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