Q1: What is a ghost?

A: In traditional belief, a ghost is a deceased person or animal’s soul or spirit, which can appear to the living person in visible form or otherwise. Appearance description of ghosts varies significantly, from an invisible presence and translucent or sweeping forms to real, lifelike ghosts. The purposeful endeavor to contact the spirit of the deceased is called necromancy or a session in spiritualism. The belief in manifestations of the souls of the dead is ubiquitous in preliterate societies, stretching back to animism or ancestor worship. Other religious traditions – burial rites, exorcisms, and some spiritual practices and ritual magic — are primarily intended to satisfy the minds of the dead. Ghosts are often described as lonely essences that haunt specific areas, things, or individuals with whom the phantom armies, the ghost trains, the fantasy ships, and even the fantasy animals are related.

Q2: How much do you charge?

For Residential/Business Investigations: We never charge, we are there to help people search for answers.

Public Investigations: The monies are paid to the Historic Locations for their fundraising events

Q3: What instruments do you use?

  • Infrared Thermometer and Cameras (FLIR)
  • Digital Voice Recorder, including the infamous DR60
  • EMF Sensor: including K Meters, Mel Meters, REM Pods
  • Camera With Infrared and Full Spectrum
  • SLS Kinect Camera
  • Portals and Spirit Boxes
  • And much more if required.