Tim Arnwine

The Long Hair Ghost Hunter

Tim, The Long Hair Ghost Hunter has over 20 years of experience. Tim has written and published Ghost Hunting…Getting Started and currently lectures on the subject. As part of War Party Paranormal, Tim is a lead investigator and Case Manager. We are proud to be able to give an upshot to our customers that are not overtaken by anyone in South Florida. We investigate residentials and businesses throughout South Florida and never charge for an investigation, our main concern is to search for answers to your concerns.

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His Services

When you engage Long Hair Ghost Hunter, you will find him to be non-judgmental of your concerns. He assures each client that a complete investigation procedure will be conducted to search for answers for your concerns. While Tim has over 20 years investigating the paranormal. Tim is part of War Party Paranormal, a team with well over 100 years-experience. He uses and has knowledge of the most up to date ghost hunting equipment.

  • Prelim Investigation
  • Full Investigation (if required)
  • Review Evidence
  • Follow up Investigation, if necessary
  • Conduct Public Investigations at Historic Locations
  • Lectures about Ghost Hunting

Contact us at 954-895-7999 or email us at: longhairghosthunter@gmail.com or fill our online form


Tim Arnwine

Tim Arnwine has written and published four books and had a story included in a National Best Seller. Two of his books are on the subject of Paranormal and Ghost Hunting. One is a paranormal murder mystery, titled Family Secrets…From Beyond. The other discusses all aspects of ghost hunting, titled Ghost Hunting…Getting Started.


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