The Long Hair Ghost Hunter

I am a retired Paramedic, turned Ghost Hunter and Author. I have led or been involved in hundreds of investigations for well over 20 years. I never had an epitome or experienced a defining moment like “grandma” standing by my bedside. As a retired Paramedic, I have seen death many times. I understand the first law of thermodynamics: that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred. I began to think there had to be something more than just putting someone in the ground. After being touched in an empty hospital area, I went from thinking “there must something more” to “why are they here?”

WE can make a difference

Paranormal encounters frequently have subjective characteristics, sometimes reported as “senses” or “feelings,” but the ability to communicate these experiences together affords opportunities to authenticate such happenings.

You might believe in paranormal activities or not, and everyone has a distinct view of their haunted location. But if odd occurrences start to happen in your location that defies conventional explanations, he can certainly investigate and search for answers. While Hollywood has described the paranormal activity as a horrific event, making a property uninhabitable, this is often not the case.

We feel that homeowners/businessowners may benefit from a closer look at the problem. If you think you have a potential haunt in your house, the Long Hair Ghost Hunter is prepared to support. Call him, and he will examine in further detail what precisely constitutes paranormal activity and some frequent symptoms of potential haunting and what he can do about it.

What do our subscribers say?

Long Hair Ghost Hunter treated my concerns with empathy and conducted an honest investigation. Bert Urks

  • I love the services and My home is peaceful now. Very relieved— Olivia Jones
  • My mother often complains about noises in our home. I thought she needed some medical help, but then I met Tim, and he visited my home, he is an expert, and after his procedures, it was discovered that we had some critters in our attic causing the noises. I truly admire Tim. — Kenneth Williams

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