Ghost hunting is a field of adventure and curiosity. You are looking for evidence of ghosts and to help others find answers to their concerns. The adventure is going to the places to look for answers. Sometimes it may be an abandoned prison, an old cemetery or a private residential with an anxious owner. The goal is to use your tools and experiences to determine if there is any evidence and help your client.

This gallery will include evidence (when gathered) and pictures from our investigations. Ghost hunting should be a fun activity, enjoying time with your team.

The Long Hair Ghost Hunter

Me and Carolina at the Pineapple House

I am a playing card in Halloween Never Ends board game 2021

Winding down at Shipwreckers, great investigation

At Pine Apple House..Yesteryear Village…courtesy of Charles Nuqui

With Mystic Michaela and Scott and the Know Your Aura team at the New River Inn

Me and Steve from Shock Docs

Me meeting the Ancient Aliens Team

Teaching at New River Inn

Tim and a Portal session

Having fun with some guests at the Hotel Redland

Tim with some of the toys

Tim at The Last Chance Saloon