Common Paranormal Activity Indicators

Apart from witnessing a ghostly appearance in your home, there is an extensive range of what could be called paranormal activity. We cannot list them all here, so we will concentrate on some of the more typical householder phenomena. These comprise:

  • You often sense you’re not alone in a room
  • Unusual behavior in domestic pets and odd noises that appear to have no reason
  • Hearing voices or whispers in your house alone
  • Temperature changes with no apparent cause
  • Unexplainable bodily reactions, e.g., hairs raising, cold spots.
  • Unexplainable events such as turning on and off lights, opening, and closing of cabinets
  • This is not a complete list, and there are definitely other events that need further research. If you’ve experienced inexplicable events in your home, he would be glad to talk to you about performing paranormal research to find out if you haunted your home or not.

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What should you do?

Many of the warning signs of paranormal activity are peaceful, and some homeowners just choose to share their homes with the ghosts. However, it may be helpful to reconfirm if you are unsure whether or not you are prepared to live with the spirits on your property. Professional trained and experienced paranormal investigators are provided with a plethora of instruments and information to assist in how spooky a residence is. Scheduling an inquiry might offer you peace of mind to stay at home, or it can give you the incentive to move elsewhere.

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Tim will discuss your concerns and set up an investigation of your location.